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 Is there a minium order quantity
 When will i receive my order?
 Can i change my order after ordering?
 Can I cancel my order?
 What do I need to do when my order isn’t complete?
 Do I get a order confirmation?
 I haven’t received a order confirmation after payment?
  How do I know that my order has been accepted?
 What is the current status of my order?
 Why is there a price difference between some parts?
 The listing says that the part will be made on order, how long will it take when my shipment is ready?
 Do i get warranty on the products i buy?
 Why are the restored machines so expensive?
 Which kind of payment methods do i have?
 Are the prices including or excluding VAT (Value Added Taxes)?
 Can the VAT be deducted? (only for businesses in the EU)
 Do you ship globally?
 How much can i ship and what are the rates?
 Can I also have my product delivered to an address that is different to my invoice address?
 Can i change the delivery adress when the item has been shipped?
 My order has been dispatched, but I have not yet received anything.
 Is there a cheaper way of shipping?
 Can you make a cheaper customs invoice

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